“Vedettes du S.P.O.R.T” Gym Classroom Management Posters in French

Les Vedettes du S.P.O.R.T

Vedettes du SPORTWhen I taught Health & Physical Education in English a few years ago I used the “S.T.A.R.S” system to help with behaviour management and to keep the students motivated in the gym. I had no luck finding a French version anywhere so I made this loose translation, it’s the same idea, but as you’d expect with any translation I had to change the acronym. In French it works as “S.P.O.R.T” instead of “S.T.A.R.S”. My students love it! We concentrate on one letter per month and after each class I choose 2 students who exemplified that particular letter/trait very well and they get to sign the “wall of fame”.

In English:VedettesDuSportLAradj
S= Stay on task
T= Try your best
A= Actively participate
R= Respect yourself, others and the equipment
S= Sports Etiquette & Fair play

Example of Wall of Fame for “Sportivité”

En français:
S= Sportivité
P= Participation Active
O= On reste concentré(e)s
R= Respectez vous, les autres et l’équipement
T= Tentez votre mieux








Here are the posters I made to hang up in the gym in black & white PDF (click to download):

SharedFolderAnd here’s the Google Drive shared folder:

Vedettes du S.P.O.R.T Posters FOLDER


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