Flippity Add-on for Google Sheets

Are you a teacher looking for a fun and easy way to make online class groupings, flash cards, quiz game templates and more for your classroom? Look no further, check out the Flippity Add-On for Google Sheets!

Step-by-step instructions:

1) Open Google Sheets.
2) Click “Add-ons” > “Get add-ons…”

Flippity Add-on Mrs. Geek Chic

3) Search the word “Flippity” in the Add-ons search (top right).
4) Click on the blue “FREE” button to add the Add-on.

Flippity Add-On Mrs. Geek Chic

5) Go back into Google Sheets. Click “Add-ons” > Flippity > Pick a template. (I chose Quiz Show)

Flippity Add-On Mrs. Geek Chic

6) Edit your template to add quiz show questions that match your subject/curriculum.

Flippity Add-On Mrs. Geek Chic

7) Once finished editing the template to your needs, click “Add-ons” > “Flippity” > Flippity.net URL

Flippity Add-On Mrs. Geek Chic

8) Click on the blue link to activate your template and start playing your quiz game. Here’s a French Quiz Show I made about the movie “Le petit Nicolas”. You’ll notice you can change the number of teams at the bottom with the + – buttons, and there are even sound effects for correct/wrong answers!


Flippity Add-On Mrs. Geek Chic

Flippity Add-on’s Random Name Picker

The Random Name Picker in the Flippity Add-on is another great template tool for classrooms! Follow the same steps above, except for this one (step 6) you edit in the names of the students in your class on the Google Sheet. You’ll be able to easily make groups or teams in the click of a button! Here’s a short video of the name picker in action:

You can also try and see demos of the templates from the Flippity.net website.

Thanks to Kim Pollishuke for introducing me to Flippity with her winning BIT Slam at Bring IT Together Conference 2016! I also took home a demo slam win with Flippity Add-On at TDSB’s Google Camp in March 2017. If that doesn’t prove how flippin’ awesome this tool is, I don’t know what else will. Give it a try!

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