“It Mitts”, Spice up your Tag Games in PE class!

I’ve been using these car wash gloves from the dollar store in my physical education classes for some time now. You’re probably wondering why…

It mitts -HPE, car wash gloves, gym class, tag gamesI call them “it mitts”! The children who are chosen to be “it” for tag games wear them. There are a few reasons these are awesome to use in gym classes, day camps or anytime you’d play tag with children:

  • The person who is “it” is easily identified with this bright glove;
  • No more children asking, “who’s it?!”;
  • Wearing them reminds the children to be gentle when they tag someone;
  • You can use with any age level. At first I got them for my kindergarten classes, but quickly realized the classes all the way up to grade 6 loved them too;
  • The student’s absolutely love using them!

The student’s faces light up when they see these bright mitts coming out of my gym office! I picked these up at my local dollar store a few years ago. I haven’t seen the exact same ones recently but there are different models of virtually the same idea at Dollarama right now. You could also use those foam hands/fingers from sporting events if you have any around the house.

“You’re it!” Have fun!



Pedometers in HPE Class- Let’s Climb Some Towers!

From Fitbits and Jawbones to Moov Nows and Piezos, Fitness trackers are all the rage right now! Why not bring that into the classroom/gym class? (Simple pedometers work great too!)

I’ve made a few posters (in French & English!) that show the number of steps it takes to reach the top of the CN* & Eiffel Towers. Students can challenge themselves to see how many HPE classes it takes to get to the top of each tower (or how many times they can climb them), you could even do a school-wide challenge to get everyone involved! Physical literacy is a central part of today’s HPE curriculum and having fun meaningful ways to get students moving is essential. Have fun!

CNTowerMrsGeekChic EiffelTowerMrsGeekChic

SharedFolderHere’s the Google shared folder with 2 English and 2 French posters: 

Climb HPE Posters



*Inspired by an ideas from Thompson Educational Publishing-Physical Literacy at TDSB Fit for Life Launch.


Phys Ed Hack

Since nothing EVER sticks to the gym walls at my school I had to think of a hack for that! I decided to cut two straight lines/slits (a couple centimetres on each side of the hole) into my flat pylons in order to stick circuit training cards, instructions, and station sheets into them. It worked really well to hold up laminated pages and cardstock. I thought I’d share it so others could try it!


“Vedettes du S.P.O.R.T” Gym Classroom Management Posters in French

Les Vedettes du S.P.O.R.T

Vedettes du SPORTWhen I taught Health & Physical Education in English a few years ago I used the “S.T.A.R.S” system to help with behaviour management and to keep the students motivated in the gym. I had no luck finding a French version anywhere so I made this loose translation, it’s the same idea, but as you’d expect with any translation I had to change the acronym. In French it works as “S.P.O.R.T” instead of “S.T.A.R.S”. My students love it! We concentrate on one letter per month and after each class I choose 2 students who exemplified that particular letter/trait very well and they get to sign the “wall of fame”.

In English:VedettesDuSportLAradj
S= Stay on task
T= Try your best
A= Actively participate
R= Respect yourself, others and the equipment
S= Sports Etiquette & Fair play

Example of Wall of Fame for “Sportivité”

En français:
S= Sportivité
P= Participation Active
O= On reste concentré(e)s
R= Respectez vous, les autres et l’équipement
T= Tentez votre mieux








Here are the posters I made to hang up in the gym in black & white PDF (click to download):

SharedFolderAnd here’s the Google Drive shared folder:

Vedettes du S.P.O.R.T Posters FOLDER